Orthopedic physical therapy emphasizes the evaluation and treatment of movement dysfunction. Quality of movement can be compromised by pain, acute injury, loss of joint and/or muscle mobility, decreased balance, neurological conditions, poor posture, or as a result of surgery.

Our therapists have advanced degrees and have been trained in specific techniques to help correct movement dysfunction. We will thoroughly assess your overall needs, review your medical history and tests, and provide comprehensive one-on-one care to ensure you meet all your individual goals.

Sports Medicine

Amity PT offers sport specific training sessions for both youth and adults. We offer this service for people who have suffered injury, as part of the physical therapy regime, or as a stand alone program for performance and injury prevention. Our staff is familiar with all biomechanical requirements with various sports and will apply that knowledge directly to your tailored session.

"In order to obtain optimal sports performance, you must first identify any orthopedic restraints, then fix them. Don't just train to train - you need to know what to train, according to your body's individual needs. Only then can you reach your maximal potential."

--Michael Dow MSPT


Our facility is equipped to treat pediatric patients with orthopedic conditions ranging from fractures, scoliosis, muscle strains, low back pain, poor posture, post surgical, joint instabilities and sprains, balance and coordination, as well as weight management.

We work closely with your child's pediatrician and/or specialist to ensure safe and effective treatment. Each and every visit is one-on-one with the therapist and always monitored. So whether we're treating sports related injury, insidious onset of low back pain, or mild developmental delay, you can be assured that your child will receive the best quality care.

TPI - Return to Golf

Too many times we've seen golfers spend much of their time and money trying to improve with equipment and gimmicks, all resulting in minimal changes in performance. Even with top of the line equipment, if you have undiagnosed orthopedic restraints, you will continue to struggle with swing faults.

This program was designed for golfers of all ages and skill levels to correctly identify those restraints and effectively fix your swing faults by specifically training multi-joint body movements. Using the same evaluative methods that the top PGA tour players use, ensures optimal performance while also greatly decreasing golf related injury - keeping you playing at peak performance and enjoying the game.