Amity Physical Therapy is happy to announce the launch of our E-VISIT option for treatment!! While this service is currently being brought about because many patients are unable to attend formal in-clinic treatment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this type of treatment has existed for several years now. Let us explain more about an E-Visit and how it will benefit our patients.


For those who may not be familiar, an E-Visit is a type of treatment that allows a clinician and patient to interact through a live video connection in order to maximize care while not being able to attend formal in-clinic treatments. Through a live audio and video feed, our therapists can connect directly with you to go through reviews of your current complaints, observe and assess your range of motion, functional mobility, and exercise form and technique.


During this turbulent time, it is our duty as your providers to make sure that we are here for you to navigate your existing orthopedic and neurological problems. While we are STILL OPEN AT ALL CLINICS, we understand that many patients are unable to come to the clinic currently. As such, E-Visits give us an option to be able to treat you from the comfort of your own home!


Each E-Visit PT session is provided by one of our own physical therapists. No outside companies or providers are used. The average session will last approximately 30 minutes, though actual time may vary just as your in-clinic sessions do. The session can be scheduled similarly to your current in-clinic appointments. Each session is interactive with a live video chat between you and your therapist.

We will be utilizing different means of emailing or messaging your videos or pictures with instructions on proper exercise form and technique to assist with the process of engaging your body in the right form of exercise from the comfort of your home or office. Should you have any exercise equipment at home, this may come in handy for certain exercises in which no equipment is necessary. Ideally, patients should wear workout or flexible clothing to assist with any necessary assessments and with exercise to avoid restriction and limitation of your movement.


First, please contact our offices via phone to request an E-Visit with your therapist or CLICK HERE to request an appointment via our online portal (please specify E-Visit in your request).

Your therapist will be using an app called Doxy.me. This is a web-based service that your therapist will invite you to log into. You will receive an email which will have a link to allow you to join the session. Doxy.me will walk you through the brief sign up process and will connect you to your therapist. This can be done through your computer or laptop, provided they are equipped with a webcam and a microphone to enable both audio and video capabilities, as well as your smartphone or tablet.


E-Visits provide us all with a tremendous option for the treatment of patients who cannot make it into our clinics. However, it does have several limitations. As most of you have experienced during your prior evaluations and treatments, part of our process typically involves a hands-on evaluation and treatment component. While this is an important portion of our treatment, there are ways in which your therapist can assist in obtaining the same or similar data and treatment through detailed instruction and interaction with you.


This is an hour-to-hour changing question. As of the time of this writing, most insurance companies are in discussion regarding coverage of E-Visits for their insured requiring physical therapy. Medicare and several other insurances have come out with statements regarding covering E-Visits. Our anticipation is that most insurances will allow for E-Visits. For those interested in having an E-Visit with their therapist, our staff can explain further details.

What Our Patient Have to Say

I’ve had two great experiences with remote physical therapy with Kyle. The first group of E-Visits was when I had back pain, just as things shut down with COVID. The second was to rehab a total knee replacement. Both were wonderful experiences.

With the back pain, Kyle walked me through a series of exercises that pinpointed my weakness and “turned on” muscles that I needed to function comfortably. With the knee, Kyle did two weeks of remote therapy immediately post-surgery in place of having a home PT. I then went to the clinic, at which point I was already well along with strength and flexibility. In both instances, Kyle was able to demonstrate the exercises, explain their purpose, and watch me do them. I moved the camera on my phone or laptop to capture my work and Kyle watched and corrected my movements remotely.

Kyle is exceptionally good at explaining the purpose and benefits of each exercise and I did not feel that we lost anything by working remotely. It was an easy process. I highly recommend it!

Melinda H.

My experience with E-visit has been excellent. Prior to this, I have been going to Amity Physical Therapy for more than 10 years. In early March due to the Coronavirus pandemic, I did not feel comfortable going to the clinic for in-person physical therapy. I am a breast cancer patient and due to chemotherapy I am at a higher risk for infections and yet I needed therapy for among other problems severe peripheral neuropathy. When my therapist Kyle Branday initially suggested E-visits I was a bit skeptical that they would be as effective as in-person PT. However, after 6 months of E-visits, I am happy to sing its praises. The link that Kyle sends me via e-mail is very easy to use. All one needs is an electronic device - could be a laptop, smartphone, or tablet with a camera. When I exercise in front of the camera, Kyle can comment on whether I am doing the exercises correctly. He can also demonstrate how new exercises should be performed. I can now vouch for the effectiveness of E-visits. One advantage is that it does not require any travel time and my health insurance covers these E-visits.

Jayanti M.

Our office staff and therapists will be happy to answer any questions regarding E-Visits. To schedule your E-Visit you can call Woodbridge at (203) 389-4593, Hamden at (203) 691-6428, or Branford at (203) 433-4683. Or simply CLICK HERE to request an appointment through our website!

As always, it is our pleasure and honor to be a part of your health care team!

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