Amity Fitness

Shannon Berton
Shannon Berton
Personal Trainer

Welcome to Amity Fitness, the wellness and performance division of Amity Physical Therapy. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the fitness industry and orthopedics by providing such services as personal training by a certified personal trainer, group fitness and group classes, fitness classes, strength and conditioning training and fitness training for increased sports performance. For years, the leading reasons why people cease workout regimens is due to injury and lack of results.

The method we use is simple: We blend the skills of orthopedic examination with the expertise of training. Combining these disciplines before symptoms, versus doing one or the other individually, yields the best chance to catch the "ticking time bombs" of injuries and lead to best results.

Here's how it works: All Amity Fitness clients receive a thorough head to toe movement screen by one of Amity Physical Therapy's licensed Physical Therapists, which is scored and retested in intervals.

This screen will allow our therapists to find any joint or soft tissue restrictions, strength imbalances or movement sequencing issues. Some of these are not noticed until your body is put under greater demands for strength, stability, and performance.

The goals of Amity Fitness revolve around three Ps:

  1. PROACTIVE - think forward about your health and fitness
  2. PREVENTION - tailored program to manage previous movement dysfunctions and avoid potential new ones
  3. PERFORMANCE - maximize movement, strength and conditioning for optimal results

The results of your quantitative screen will be reviewed with your personal trainer to make sure you are working within safe tailored movement patterns for your body - minimizing risk of injury, but also allow us to target areas of need to maximize your performance.

These three P principles allow our clients to meet their training and personal goals. Whether you are a collegiate or professional athlete looking to maximize your strength, speed and sports performance or anyone looking to work your body into better shape and improve your health, our team at Amity Fitness will create a comprehensive plan tailored to you.

Included in your Fitness Training Package:

  1. Complete Head to Toe Orthopedic Screen provided by a licensed Amity PT clinician and directly coordinated with the Personal Trainer to work side-by-side on your program
  2. Comprehensive training program designed to optimize performance, lose weight, stay healthy, and have fun
  3. Each client receives a personalized nutritional consultation and plan to promote a healthy lifestyle
  4. Regularly scheduled follow-up Orthopedic Prevention Screening to ensure long lasting results