I Hurt My Back, Who Do I Call?

by Michael Dow, MSPT, February 24, 2020

I just hurt my back!!  Who do I call?! My Physical Therapist, an Orthopedist, or a Chiropractor? Unfortunately, spinal problems are so common, it’s almost inevitable.  It’s an age long issue that affects all ages, genders, ethnicities, and across all geography and socioeconomical regions.  Fact: 70% of people of 35 years old will experience some […]


Blood Flow Restriction Therapy – Is It Right For Me?

by Pete Geloso, DPT, January 13, 2020

Physical Therapy is a constantly growing profession. Research continues to be done to support the application of various treatment techniques, exercises, and modalities. Some of this research disproves old theories and emphasizes discontinuing their use. While other research is being performed to support the use of new treatments to help treat our patients. Some of […]


How To Fix Your Back Pain – Woodbridge, CT

by Kyle Branday, MSPT, CDN, November 15, 2019

Oh what a can of worms I’m opening with this one.  For everyone seeing the title and hoping I magically came up with a one-step wonder cure this week….sorry, we’re out of luck!  However, the answer to how to fix your back pain isn’t all that complex.  What it does take is a willingness to […]


Preseason Movement Screens Are Badly Needed In Youth Athletics

by Kyle Branday, MSPT, CDN, July 15, 2019

Starting this time of year, the pediatricians office is flooded with parents lining up to get their children through their yearly preseason physical so they can participate in sports once the school year kicks off again.  Ensuring our young athletes health and well being is of the utmost importance.  Detection of underlying breathing issues, cardiac […]


Foam Rolling: How Does It Work?

by Pete Geloso, DPT, March 29, 2019

Foam rolling is a term that you often hear in the rehabilitation, exercise, and sports communities. But do you know what it is, how it works, or how to do it? Foam rolling is a form of self-myofascial release, which is basically a fancy term for self-massage.  Foam rolling has many applications for people of […]


MRI Results: Where is my pain coming from?

by Julia Tranquillo, DPT, March 8, 2019

A picture’s worth a thousand words… or is it?  Neck pain preventing you from sitting? Shoulder pain with putting on your coat? Knee bothering you going up and down stairs? For an accurate diagnosis of these ailments, you may need an MRI…or do you? Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, was once thought to be the […]


I’m A Crossfitter….Do I Need a Physical Therapist?

by Erin Maghery, PTA, February 25, 2019

As a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) and a Crossfitter, I absolutely believe the answer is yes!  Injuries and pain can sideline an athlete.  And just like any other athlete, we hate to be sidelined. The main goal for the majority of Crossfitters is simply to be able to continue to do Crossfit. So why wait […]


Movement Is Medicine

by Kyle Branday, MSPT, CDN, February 11, 2019

If I had a dime for every patient we saw that had a complaint about lack of movement, you’d be seeing me at my beach house in the Bahamas.  Outside of pain, this is the number one biggest complaint we get.  In conjunction with pain and movement problems, the most common way for people to […]


What is Dry Needling and How Can it Help?

by Justin Maurizio, DPT, January 9, 2019

Dry Needling (DN) is a skilled intervention performed by physical therapists at our clinic which uses a thin needle to penetrate the skin and stimulate underlying myofascial trigger points, muscular spasms, connective tissues for the management of nerve/skeletal pain and restricted movement. Trigger points are defined as palpable, tense bands of skeletal muscle fibers that […]



by Kyle Branday, MSPT, CDN, November 12, 2018

Lets talk about that painful, swollen, stiff, acute ankle sprain.  We have all been there at one time or another.  Whether walking, running, going down the stairs, or awkwardly stepping over the curb that was higher than we thought….we step down and BOOM…..our ankle is turned the wrong direction and laying on the ground flatter […]