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Direct Access

Patients are now able to receive physical therapy without a referral from your physician. The "Direct Access Act" has been in place in the state of Connecticut since 2006.


You Have a Choice: You can choose what physical therapist you want to see regardless of your insurance or what your MD says. Call Amity Physical Therapy today.

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Amity Physical Therapy strives to provide exceptional physical therapy services while tailoring to our patients' individual needs. It is our commitment to the community to set forth the standard of how all patients should be treated.

Amity Physical Therapy is happy to announce the launch of our E-VISIT option for treatment!! While this service is currently being brought about because many patients are unable to attend formal in-clinic treatment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this type of treatment has existed for several years now. Let us explain more about an E-Visit and how it will benefit our patients.

For those who may not be familiar, an E-Visit is a type of treatment that allows a clinician and patient to interact through a live video connection in order to maximize care while not being able to attend formal in-clinic treatments. Through a live audio and video feed, our therapists can connect directly with you to go through reviews of your current complaints, observe and assess your range of motion, functional mobility, and exercise form and technique.


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Physical Therapy specializes in the evaluation and treatment of movement dysfunction. Quality of movement can be compromised by pain, acute injury, loss of joint and/or muscle mobility, decreased balance, neurological conditions, posture, or as a result of surgery.
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The Unique Exerciser Experience

Come experience all sides of exercise and movements. Get a thorough movement screening by one of Amity Physical Therapy’s licensed physical therapists followed by a comprehensive training program suited to your individual needs coordinated by one of Amity Fitness' personal trainers.
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Golf Performance & Back to Play Program

Too many times we've seen golfers spend much of their time and money trying to improve with equipment and gimmicks, all resulting in minimal changes in performance.

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"I am always looking to build relationships with the finest professionals to care for my patients. The therapists at Amity PT have cared for my patients for 10 years and provide thoughtful and sensitive service. The most important measure is its results. Diagnosing and treating my patients result in a quick return to activity. My patients are universally satisfied with the personal attention they have received. Amity Physical Therapy has earned my trust."

William Schreiber M.D.
Connecticut Medical Group
Internal Medicine

I first came to Amity Physical Therapy when I was ten years old. I had injured my ankle badly in a youth soccer game. The physical therapists at Amity PT got me back to playing quickly. Over my sports career, Amity PT has always picked me up and put me back together. After working with the extremely experienced and amazing physical therapists, I always end up coming back stronger than I was prior to encountering each new injury. I would never have made it far in my athletic endeavors had it not been for APT. I owe so much to APT, especially to Kyle Branday and Mike Dow for allowing me to play the sport that I love for so long. Over the course of eleven years, no injury has ever been too small, nor too big for them to handle. I am also grateful to all of the wonderful staff that made coming to physical therapy so enjoyable. APT will forever be my physical therapy home. They simply are the best!

Shea Connors, Professional Soccer Player