"I am always looking to build relationships with the finest professionals to care for my patients. The therapists at Amity PT have cared for my patients for 10 years and provide thoughtful and sensitive service. The most important measure is their results. Diagnosing and treating my patients result in a quick return to activity. My patients are universally satisfied with the personal attention they have received. Amity Physical Therapy has earned my trust."

William Schreiber M.D.
Connecticut Medical Group
Internal Medicine

I first came to Amity Physical Therapy when I was ten years old. I had injured my ankle badly in a youth soccer game. The physical therapists at Amity PT got me back to playing quickly. Over my sports career, Amity PT has always picked me up and put me back together. After working with the extremely experienced and amazing physical therapists, I always end up coming back stronger than I was prior to encountering each new injury. I would never have made it far in my athletic endeavors had it not been for APT. I owe so much to APT, especially to Kyle Branday and Michael Dow for allowing me to play the sport that I love for so long. Over the course of eleven years, no injury has ever been too small, nor too big for them to handle. I am also grateful to all of the wonderful staff that made coming to physical therapy so enjoyable. APT will forever be my physical therapy home. They simply are the best!

Shea Connors, Professional Soccer Player

For the past few months I have been going to Amity Physical therapy in Woodbridge. Kyle and his staff work hard to ensure you not only get the best level of care possible, but you are treated like family each and every visit. Without Amity Physical Therapy, I know there is no way I could have finished my career in sports.

Matt Baum, Collegiate Hurdler

"Michael Dow and his team were extremely helpful after my spinal surgery. They knew exactly what to do, and how precisely hard to work me. They are a terrific group."

Stephen Waxman MD, PhD
Yale University School of Medicine
Director Center for Neuroscience & Rehab Research

"You and your staff have always provided rapid, dependable, excellent service and care to my patients, as well as prompt and thoughtful feedback to me, the referring physician. I never hesitated in making a referral to you."

Evan Ginsberg MD
Internal Medicine and Sports Medicine

"I have always been delighted with the care my patients have received at Amity PT. Very convenient in the Amity area, especially for my patients that live in Woodbridge, Bethany, and Westville/New Haven."

Robert McLean MD
Connecticut Medical Group
Rheumotology and Internal Medicine

"I wanted to thank you for all of the help you have given my family and me over the years. Starting back with my own rehab after my ACL/cartilage repair surgery and shoulder dislocation, then the pre-surgical preparation for my son's ACL surgery, as well as my wife's chronic back pain, you have been a great help. Not only have you helped with the physical nature of these conditions, but you have also provided a lot of emotional support. Anyone that has gone through any type of rehab knows that this is an important piece, perhaps the most important. Moreover, I feel like I have made a good friend, someone who would help me out whenever duty called. It has been satisfying to see your practice grow and I know you will continue to do well in the future."

Michael Kim
Hamden, CT

"Michael, I wanted to send you this message to let you know how much I appreciate the work you, Kyle and all the other physical therapists and assistants have done to help me rehabilitate from my two knee issues. As you know, over the past 4 years I have used the services of Amity Physical Therapy on two separate occasions. The last occasion was due to a partially torn meniscus in my knee. Choosing to not yet opt for surgery I decided to see if physical therapy would get me back to walking normally and playing golf. I made the right choice. After about 3 months of work with you and your staff, usually about 2 times per week for one hour per session, I was back walking normally and playing golf free of pain.

You and your staff were always ready and prepared to work with me in a timely fashion. Your facility is top notch, your staff always pleasant, attentive and knowledgeable. And, as strange as it sounds, after I was through treating I kind of missed my twice a week sojourn to Amity Physical Therapy. I have nothing but the highest regard for you knowledge, competence and professionalism. Please give my best regards to everyone at your facility."

James Early ESQ
Woodbridge, CT

"As both a patient and a physician, I can enthusiastically recommend Amity Physical Therapy. The caring staff provides high quality and compassionate therapy services in a relaxed and friendly environment. The individual care and dedication to 'start-of-the-art' techniques combine to assure an excellent patient experience."

Craig Sklar, MD
Woodbridge, CT

"When I first injured my back, I was referred to Mike to assess the problem. Right off the bat, Mike told me exactly what the issue was and started therapy right away. After 2 weeks off therapy, I had an MRI and an appoint with both an orthopedist and a neurologist. The MRI revealed that I had a massive L5-S1 herniated disc, exactly where Mike told me the injury was. Both doctors reviewed the MRI before meeting me and told me that based on the MRI images, they thought there was no option other than surgery. However, after physically examining me they realized that the 2 weeks of therapy I had been through had dramatically helped the healing effort. They were both amazed and said what they saw on the MRI and my actual physical condition were very different. They both concluded to continue with the therapy and things should heal just fine without surgery. After 2 months of therapy, the pain was gone and I was back to playing golf and enjoying all the things I did before the injury. The knowledge and care that Mike has is second to none. I am thankful everyday that he helped me avoid back surgery. I have had 5 knee surgeries and many therapists over the years, and I can honestly say that Mike is the very best! I feel lucky to have been referred to him."

William F. Giaquinto Jr., CRPC
Hamden, CT