TPI - Return to Golf

As the golf industry continues to evolve in advancements in 3D swing analysis and training aides, as well as club and golf balls technology, amateur and professional players alike are looking to achieve the most effective, efficient and safely repeatable swing they can. Players all want more distance and to play well, without hurting themselves and sacrificing form.

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) has developed and utilizes comprehensive medical screening process for their athletes and tour players, that looks for the golf related requirements of the swing and determine which area or areas that need focus.

During a golf swing, there are several parts that the body must move together during the backswing through impact. In addition to having mobility requirements to allow these movements, there needs to be stable areas throughout to produce a strong base to rotate around. Much like an engine in a car, each individual part needs to do its job, but also sequentially communicate with each other in order to perform the task. When one part, or several parts, does not do their timely job effectively, then there is bound to be trouble firing the engine efficiently.

The job of the TPI certified medical professional is to know the requirements of what the body should do, then effectively screen and evaluate what your body is doing.

Highlights that you get:

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